Is meat bad for me??

Its unfortunate that the majority of content and information being pumped out by nutrition “experts” these days almost demonises the consumption of meat.

At some point you’ve probably all found yourself questioning whether you are eating too much of the stuff after reading an article from some kind of Californian plant based nutrition guru who does 6 hours of yoga per day whilst sipping green juices...

Not got anything against plant based diets or people who want to follow them. However, if want to optimise your performance whether it be athletically or just day to day, in my opinion you MUST get your animal protein game on point.

Few tips on how to get the most from the meat you eat

  1. My go to protein sources are grass fed beef, free range organic eggs, Wild salmon & mackerel, pastured lamb, and chicken on the bone (in that order)
  2. Quality... This is Organic is not always a sign of quality, small farms simply cant afford this certification. For example, grass fed is a better indication of quality when referring to beef. If you can find a network of small farmers that will meet your needs then you truly know what you are getting!
  3. Its all in the prep... Cooking meat at ridiculously high temps can be harmful over time. Your far better going low for a little longer, and then finishing at a higher temp to get the desired colouration or vice versa.
  4. Avoid oil based marinades... Meat is not problematic to your heath, but heating oils to high temps is! Opt for spice rubs with things like lemon, with a very small amount of oil, the benefit of using fattier cuts of meat is that the meat with use its own fat to cook.