How to boost testosterone naturally

Testosterone... The word alone just sounds POWERFUL! Read more to see why this hormone is the holy grail for us men, and how to naturally keep this coursing through your body!


What is it, and why do we even need it??... Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in males. Lowered levels of testosterone are heavily associated with premature ageing in men... Think hair loss, loss of lean muscle mass, increased body fat, premature greying, poor skin health (wrinkles), lowered cognition, depression and lowered sex drive. 


Its become an issue because many of the behaviours and roles the modern day man has adopted are not conducive to keeping us in prime condition. High energy diets, sedentary lifestyles, poor education around training, excess exposure to xenoestrogens have fucked about with our endocrine profile leaving many a man feeling helpless.


Here are my top hacks to start tilting the scale back towards being awesome! 

- The common theme I see from guys struggling with below optimal levels of testosterone is that their diet is a revolving carousel of sugary snacks, sandwiches, crisps, sports drinks, curries and beer. Clearly there is a balance point, and some of these things here and there won’t hurt at all as long as 90% of the time your eating like a warrior


- Cholesterol is needed to make testosterone in the testicles so embrace fatty cuts of meat and healthy plant sources of fats... Think pastured ribeyes, lamb, free range pork and chicken on the bone with the skin, wild fatty fish, avocado’s, raw nuts & seeds, cold pressed oils.


- Include a huge span of densely coloured vegetables


- Re-think your training regimen... If your training first thing in the morning in many cases this can be counter productive as testosterone in many men peaks in the afternoon. Additionally if your not already doing so, factor in max effort resistance training where possible as this has been shown to positively impact on testosterone production, whereas long slow steady state training sessions can work as an antagonist.


- Prioritise rest, recovery and sleep... This seems to be a common theme ;-)


- Take break from eating... When we don’t eat for periods of 12+ hours we see surges in testosterone


- Freeze your bollocks off... Literally! Take regular ice baths. Testosterone is produced in the testes and the testes function more efficiently at lower temps (thats why they hang outside your body) 


- Supplementation... D-Aspartic acid, vitamin D3 and Zinc are just a few of the have been shown to be beneficial for low testosterone. As always, do your research on this front and speak to someone who knows their shit!


Hope this helps.