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I run consultations from my London clinic and also distance via Skype or telephone.

To begin, all I need you to do is fill in a short questionnaire about yourself. This form allows me to get an idea of your current situation, goals, and any symptoms you may be experiencing, so I can gauge whether I am the right practitioner to help you.

If the fit is right, the process is very simple and begins with you receiving a welcome pack which contains detailed information about the way I work, terms & conditions and fees. The pack also includes information about external practitioners I trust and refer clients to in the realms of movement, regeneration and mindset. From here we can get you booked in to start the consultation process.

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Client Testimonials

Eder Lopes

First time I worked Matt I was really impressed because he was able to teach me a huge amount in a short period of time. Matt made me realize that another level of fuelling your body exists which made me feel well within myself, light, powerful and more confident heading into matches. 

Before I thought that I always had to eat the same carbohydrates (pasta or rice for example) or I wouldn’t have enough energy. Matt made me realise that are other options that have greater benefits that make my body feel better all round. 

Thank you for this amazing experience its made me feel better every day!  

Conor Washington

Before working with Matt I thought of food as means to an end and never focused on variety or nutrients, he completely challenged and changed my thoughts on food and the benefits of micronutrients as well as the pitfalls of getting sucked in to the many fad diets and new age ideas of body composition and performance. 

I really enjoyed working with Matt and continue to do so, he is not only knowledgable but extremely personable and made the sessions fun and informative. Also, the food tastes INCREDIBLE! 

Martin Braithwaite

Matt is beyond your ordinary nutritionist and chef! Since working with Matt have felt a huge difference in both my energy levels and speed of recovery while performing. I now have the knowledge to know when and what I have to eat to stay healthy and perform at a high level every week.

If you want to work with one of the best nutritionist out there then Matt is your guy.